Shadow Box Workshops

The Art of Building a Shadow Box to Honor Your Loved One

This is a workshop using mementos and your inner creativity to build a shadow box to honor your loved one who has passed. The combination of art and creativity using special items that connect you so personally and uniquely to your loved one offers a type of cathartic healing in and of itself. The goal is to express your love and your continued connection with this person. Celebrating a loved one’s life allows you to feel both the sadness and the joy of that connection which ultimately promotes healing.

At the beginning of the workshop I will tell a short personal story of how I came to this exercise. It was instrumental in helping me to feel less untethered, more grounded & closer to the spirit of my husband. I continue to feel uplifted and comforted whenever I look at the boxes (to this day!). 

To prepare for the workshop:

Gather a variety of special small items and/or replicas that connect you to your loved one in spirit. You may not use all of them in this box but it is helpful to have a selection to choose from. These items honor your shared experiences and they bring out the essence of your loved one…..while telling about your story together

I will have my three boxes on display to get a feel for the finished box

I used: photos, ticket stubs, jewelry, notes, replicas, mementos, miniatures, pictures from magazines or printed

Materials Provided ($15)

12” Square or 11” X 14” Black Shadowbox

A variety of paper

Glue gun and double sided tape

String, charms, clothespins, washi tape, markers, scissors, pins


You cannot get this wrong.

Don't overthink it.

It will be organic and it will come from your heart.

It may be both uplifting and bittersweet but it will strengthen your connection with the ultimate goal of making you smile from within.


Peter loved: me & us, music, concerts, food (cooking), his moped, the ocean, fishing, our cats, travel, Nantucket Island, Newport, Sweetberry Farm, his daughter, granddaughter, family and friends, reading, and working together for many years.