Mediums: oh the beauty of a great medium

As I reflect back on the practices, exercises and experiences that were (and are) the most helpful to righting my up-side-down world apres Peter, it always leads me back to the gifts in the “box”. (The Spiritual Care Package).

The beauty for me is that now I am able to express gratitude for all that I have learned along the way. And to share the hope that another may also benefit from my personal discoveries. There is no handbook, no schedule, no rules. Simply keeping an open heart and allowing the possibility that there is more to learn about the mystery of life and death, metaphysically speaking. By keeping an open heart and mind I allowed myself to experiment with different methods, discard what did not resonate and hold on to what I came to know in my soul.

In addition to voraciously reading all things metaphysical, including many a book by evidential mediums, I chose to “sit” with a medium (or two or three), over the years. I had previously experienced a session after my Mom passed years ago, with interesting and comforting results, but somehow this felt different. I was in a different space and the desire to connect with my life partner was very strong.

The key word here is “evidential”. I came to understand that this type of reading provides “proof” that we continue in some form after leaving our physical bodies, and that communication is not only possible but the evidence is in front of you……things that only you know to be true.

A reading is a three way connection between you-the sitter, the medium, and your loved one in spirit. After finding a gifted medium, the only requirement is an open heart and mind. I could fill a book with the messages, guidance, evidence and profound comfort from the readings I have had over the years, but honestly they were really for my own soul growth. Although I could not resist sharing some of the highlights with close friends and family simply because it was astounding to me and I was in awe. The bottom line for me is I always feel as though I have had a “visit” with Peter during and after these readings. I found each medium’s individual style interesting to experience but I also felt a special connection with one in particular, so I returned to her periodically and it felt as though we would pick up where we left off. Mediums do hundreds or thousands of readings depending on how long they have been practicing their craft and have no way to remember who the sitter is much less who your loved ones in spirit are, but for me there is a sense of familiarity over time and it enhances the readings.

While some of us are born with gifts (think musicians, pianists, fine artists), many of us can learn how to enhance our own gifts with training and guidance. Sometimes our gifts are simply hidden. Many mediums are quite interested in teaching their students how to tap into their own ability to connect with spirit. It is a fascinating field of study. At the very least, the benefits from a meditation practice can potentially bring about a sense of peace, balance, and inner knowing.

There are many, many wonderfully gifted, experienced and budding mediums all over the world. I share a few of my favorites. Their personal stories of how they came to recognize and practice these gifts are inspirational.

I have been practicing my own connection now for many years and while I still love a professional mediumistic session now and again, I am quite content with my own ability to “feel” the essence of Peter. To be guided by this energy has simply enhanced my life in a profound way.