Session with Sirry:

                           The First Reading 

                 ( here is the "proof" that was to come )

Oh, this was the beginning of a beautiful connection that is still going strong!!

It was my first encounter with the wonderful power of our ability to hear from our loved ones in spirit through the gift of a session with an evidential medium. I came to Sirry through a grief therapist I had been seeing in Boston. I would either drive or take the train and sit with her for an hour being heard and reassured that every single emotion I was feeling was absolutely part of this “grieving” process that I was quite unfamiliar with in this form. For me, the great thing about this therapist was she was open to the truth that we are forever connected to our loved ones in spirit. We spoke the same language so I found the process of this type of healing therapy to be very beneficial.

I made an appointment to sit with Sirry maybe 4 months after Peter’s passing. Below is a condensed version of that sitting. I have chosen highlights to share how this evidential reading was so uplifting for me at this time. (Even though this is a condensed version it is a little long due to sharing the evidence so that the reader truly understands the importance of the extraordinary personal details that came through Sirry. I emphasize these at times, with a little comment in italics).

When I re-read this 10 years later I am still completely blown away….

To start: Sirry only knew my name. She did not know anything about me or my recent loss. As an aside before we started the session Sirry tells me she was on her way to our appointment and she asked spirit what I might look like…….she was shown a picture of my face with shoulder length wavy curly hair. When I walked in she was a bit disappointed to see I had short straight hair. (Later in the session it is revealed that this is the way I looked in my wedding picture with long curly hair)

Two women come through first. One older, one younger. The younger one with a lot of flair….very upbeat, vivacious energy….she talked about having a quick illness that she passed from that affected her body but not her mind and that no one expected her to get sick much less pass away…..she carried her curvaceous self very well and she was a “beam of light”. This was clearly my good friend and co-worker Cassie who had such a distinctive personality. She just wanted to share her energy with me at the beginning of this session!

The older woman was clearly my Grandma. She came and stayed for the entire session. She shared that she was elderly when she passed peacefully, that I had visited her in the nursing home, that she was simply old and tired. She shares some personal family details. Then she talks about me being creative….Sirry asks if I created a piece of artwork shortly after someone’s passing that I put up…..and she sees Grandma with a GLUEGUN in her hand. Very specific. She keeps seeing sticks of some sort, wooden sticks but she cannot quite make them out because she does not have a word for them in her “dictionary”. She also keeps seeing the #3, three boxes, three roses, and leans towards siblings because of the familial connection to grandma. But this doesn’t really resonate with me….as we talk on I realize it is the three close friends and the three shadow boxes. She sees an image of what she thinks looks like those Mexican “day of the dead” artwork pieces but she knows it is not Mexican art – but something resembling this…..(the sticks we finally discover later are those miniature CLOTHESPINS that we used in two of the boxes that I just love, to hold a lot of the items together.)The glue gun appears again just to drive the point. The boxes are entirely held together using a glue gun. Sirry says she never would have come up with “clothespin” as it is such an odd image…..

Of course I am thrilled with this “evidence” because of its unusual nature about those very special shadow boxes that we had so recently created but I am thinking this is going to be a bust as far as Peter is concerned. Then she says she has a man in spirit on her left side…..he is showing her a BIG CHEST and a BIG HEART. Dark hair with a lift on the hairline, maybe a little balding in the back, football shoulder pads to indicate his broad shoulders and she so feels his energy. She asks if the artwork is for him – and he is teasing me that it took us so long to make and in making it we went back and forth, back and forth which we so did! But that he understood the emotional process.

She said she felt he was not able to speak in the end…..he talks about knowing I was there stroking his forehead and face during those last 48 hours and knowing I was saying I would love him forever and everything would be OK. (This is exactly what I was doing and saying). She said he simply adored me – over the moon and back – to the stars. She asks “was his passing recent like 3-4 months” and if yes I am coping amazingly well. He was confused and muddled in the end, not as responsive as he wanted to be…..and he wanted me to know he had so much love in his heart coming right back to me. He also knew Tracy (his daughter) was with him….he expressed his deep love for her….and his love for Jess (our grand- daughter) and for his ex-wife – he said he had so much respect for her and he wanted to send his love to her because she was sad after his passing. (It was father’s day and I held my cell phone to Peter’s ear so Tracy could say her goodbyes and share her love, so yes, she was with us right to the end) (We were friendly with his ex-wife and this was such a lovely tribute to her as well.)

She talks about seeing me going to the beach at the end of the day after crowds have gone (bingo) and really thinking of Peter and experiencing the grief of his passing – he is saying he is so with me at this time….he is right by my side. She continues: we both had a passion for the beach – his favorite was a beach with rocks, not sand, like a Maine beach. I am wracking my brains coming up with nothing…then it of course comes to me it is the beach on Ocean Drive where he would ride his scooter and we would go for sunsets which is ALL ROCKS! no sand – duh – honestly it’s like your mind is working overtime and it is right in front of you! This was his all-time favorite beach.

He talks about his illness, he gets her to feel kidney failure, filling up with fluid, he said he fought a tough battle, she said he was very brave and did not have fear in the end.

Next he makes fun of my driving (through very creative scenes she says). He shows Sirry he is always at the wheel, always driving, and now when I drive I am figuring out how to do it by myself… sometimes I switch lanes without using my blinker, go round and round those round-a-bouts (which I actually did to this appointment)! (For the 33 years we ere together I can count on one hand the number of times when I drove when we were together). He mentions my cooking (again she says very creatively), while he was sick and I was trying to feed him and it almost always came out terrible but he was so polite and ate it anyway….(so true). His sense of humor is right there. She says he is so creative in the way he shows things to her that he wants to express.

He gave a shout out to a Ron, a Rob, and a William or Bill (funny thing is Rob left a message on my cell THAT VERY morning checking in on me….and of course my brother in law Ron was on Peter’s radar as he worked for and with him and they were very close, and Bill Fish, my former boss and mentor and our dear friend was also on his mind.)

He said to sit in his place on the couch….he spent a lot of time there….especially towards the end as things were getting more difficult and he was sleeping more and more. He referenced our bright sunny apartment (we had only lived in this apartment for about a year at that point) and how happy he was to be home before he passed and that home was what his memories are of….not the hospitals. He said i will feel him in that spot on the couch. Interestingly I had not sat there since he passed….I had been avoiding it big time….but I am ready now! On another note my sister Tricia had a dream a few weeks ago and the message in it was to sit in Peter’s spot and I would feel him…..uncanny!

And finally, he was at the “Gathering”. Sirry said in her 13 yrs. as a medium she has not walked into such a “party” atmosphere – she was confused by it because she said it was so unusual…..this was no memorial….she asked if it was a very casual atmosphere – saw an expanse of a green field with a view …..and like a barbeque style (picnic in our terms). (It was at Sweetberry Farm!) He liked the singing. (I had found a wonderful duo to serenade us). He said it was a highlight. He loved the party favors!! (the wish papers). He said the love in his heart was immense.

Honestly it felt like he was there. Not knowing a thing about me how could Sirry possibly have come up with the image of a glue gun and the "wooden sticks" which featured prominently in those shadow b0xes, and the gathering, the wish papers, my bad driving, my bad cooking, his illness……

This mediumistic session was simply an amazing experience and one I will hold close for a long, long time.

P.S. I sent Sirry a photo of our wedding picture, the one where I had longer curly hair and she was astounded as it was the image she had seen….and I also sent the pics of the shadow boxes….she said no wonder she got the image of the Mexican “day of the dead” artwork as it resembled the idea…..

Spirit works in the most wondrous ways….the healing from this encounter with Sirry was truly the beginning of many new ways of experiencing our continued ability to connect across the veil. I am so very grateful.

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