3-Month Spiritual Care Package

Grieving takes time and the limited series three box set is designed to help you move along your grief journey one box at a time. Each month, take the time to experience the healing powers of the contents of the box you receive. You may begin to notice a softening of your sadness and a new way to approach the days ahead. 

Imagine Christmas arriving in your mailbox. And imagine the gifts inside this unexpected arrival speak directly to your soul.

Better than hot chocolate on a cold morning, the Spiritual Care Package warmed my heart and keeps on giving.

Suzanne Giesemann, Author of Messengers of Hope

I was delighted with the Spiritual Care Package which was created with love by Angela Craig.

I shared it with my friend whose husband had recently passed. My friend said that she found comfort in this lovely gift.

She said many people sent flowers or food, but the Spiritual Care Package by Angela nourished her soul.

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium

The Spiritual Care Package is the most appropriate and thoughtful gift to give anyone who is mourning the loss of a loved one.

It is beautifully packaged and is full of spiritual healing items that touch upon every learning-healing modality.

A much better investment than flowers or such. The recipient can use the items in any order as many times as they wish. It never gets old.

Melissa Riviello

About Angela Craig

I am a retired innkeeper by trade and a seeker of magical, metaphysical, and spiritual things. I am a philosopher at heart. I have always been drawn to and interested in what lies beyond our physical world. At a time when I needed comfort and support the most, I found relief in e these soothing items.